Guest of the Month:♥ StuffStuff &Co ♥

I discovered this shop on Dawanda,
and I decided to make Her a little interview ....

1-Introduce yourself
I am Sylvie, I live in north of

I have a master degree in international business (nothing to do with art). I lived, and worked, 1 year in Barcelona and spent all summer in a van with my boyfriend traveling around Europe…and I am now job hunting…and crafting a little bit…and enjoying it actually ;)

2-What is your craft?
How did you learn it?
I like to create good mood stuff, smiling plush’s, and happy accessories… I don’t th
ink it will be enough to face the so depressing crisis, but I try to be positive ;)

So basically I am sewing, but any time I see some new techniques or materials I am always keen to test it.

I learned trying :) What appears on my shop is only the tip of the iceberg ^_^
I would blush with shame if I had to show a professional the way I am doing it…

3-How long have you done your craft?
I created StuffstuffNCo a few months ago, because unemployment offered me a lot of spare time ;) But I always liked to craft. Ever since I was little I use to give my family and friends handmade presents, but it is the fi
rst time I show it and sell it.

4-What is one advice you'd give to new Dawanda members?

Do not be shy, your creation may be modest, it will please someone ;)
Oh and do not jump to conclusions if you are not selling as fast as you expected! Just wait :)

Visit her shop: