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I have found for you a new Dawanda shop, here is a little interview:

1-Introduce yourself

My name is Nora Oertel, I am a 26 year-old MA-student of social sciences and am running my small label 'Eleanor Rot' since 2008. Eleanor Rot is an anagram of my name and I have been using this name since years for my artistic endeavors, which I have always been pursuing besides my academic course.

Last year I decided to make it the official label for my fashion and accessories, which I started selling first on Dawanda, later Etsy and meanwhile you can find my creations in various shops in Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona and Porto.

Recently, I moved from Berlin to Porto, for the best of all reasons: LOVE!!! So now I am living in this beautiful city and am getting inspired by it. My Spring/Summer Collection of 2009 will be reflecting these changes, as I try to create a mix between the Berlin-bohemian-style and elements of the Portuguese.

In everything I do, I try to incorportate elements of recycling or environmentally-friendly ideas. Also, I like to cooperate with small taylor-shops in my neighborhood to step out of my own little world and have others profit from what I do.

2. What is your craft?
How did you learn it?

I mainly sew, since I am doing clothes, but often this goes hand-in-hand with other

crafting-techniques, as folding, braiding, etc.

I learned sewing at school, where we had classes related to all sorts of textile crafts. It was a supplementing class to the regular arts lessons. Also my mother used to sew, so I learned quite a bit through her and I guess the most important thing she told me was, that making things yourse

lf, instead of buying them, gives great pleasure as you can realize your imagination. And I think I inherited the genuine creativity from my father who has always been doing crafting-projects with his kids.

Later then I attended another evening sewing-course and continuously picked up tricks and techniques through copying patterns and lately through the internet.

3-How long have you done your craft?

I have always been sewing, as far as I remember. As a college-student I made my own carnival-costumes, and since I was a small hippie, I loved to alternate my clothes in the most colorful and adventurous ways. While at university, making my own clothes was always a good way to save money. And when the online-crafting communities started to develop over the last years, it was a great opportunity for me to not only save, but also make money!

4-What is one advice you'd give to new Dawanda members?

I find one of the most important things for getting a good start is to have good pictures! Make your shop and products look beautiful!!!! Besides this 'superficial' aspect, I think a good concept that gives coherence to the products you offer is crucial. Come up with creative ideas, try to recycle, be environmentally friendly, be honest and original!

Also, a successful shop needs continuous care. Try to list new items weekly, so you are always on the top pages. Finally, I advise you to use the opportunity to connect to other members on Dawanda. Through this platform you have amazing possibilities to learn from others and to promote yourself!

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