Flickr Favorites and Etsy FP !!

Here is my mosaic, of my Flickr Favorites,
if you would like to see more mosaics or join the fun,
check Mitsy's blog!

1. Macaron a la rose,
2. Pink,
3. Annie the Birthday Mushroom {3quarter},
4. Pale Candy Pink Velvet Ribbon

This weekend I was featured in front page, twice!
A speciale thanks to Elde
for this beautiful treasury !!


vadjutka said...

yummy mosaic!
and grats for the two FPs!

ingermaaike said...

Congrats! and very sweet mosaic :-D

Le Coccole said...

Congrats on the fp's!! I love macaroons, I ate them in Wien, gorgeous! I have tons of books on how to make them! Yummy!

LeelaBijou said...

Congrats on the FP!! Lovely mosaic :)