New improvements...

My attempts to make my photos more professional, continue every day...
continuing attempts, try and try new wallpapers, little by little I am improving.
I am very happy with these photos, I love the colors so, I try to make my pictures colorful and bright, of course then I touch a bit with photoshop, hehe...
Unfortunately I have not studied photography, it would be very useful to take a course for artisans who sell online, but we can not have time for everything ...
so I do what I can ... although I am very critical with myself, and I shall not, of the first results ...
For these photos I found a coffee saucer, it seems pretty !!

The photos I ever shot, close the window to take advantage of daylight, and I am worried about this winter, because I do not have the light box, and the days are always gray... I hope well ... !!
These are my latest creations:

♥ Floral Bobby Pin Set ♥

These adorable bobby pins are really cute!
This set is a combination of summer colors:
hot pink, blue and white!

So, what do you think of my latest photos?

Is yes, another Front Page for me!
Thanks to Etsy, I was featured for two hours,
and I have received more than 30 new hearts!
Etsy Thanks I love you!

Hey July 31 is my birthday, keep updated
because there will be a promotion in all, my shop!


LeelaBijou said...

Congrats on the FP!!

Your photos look great! :)

ingermaaike said...

Your pictures are very attractive and look very proffesional!

Le Coccole said...

Evelyn sono stupende le tue ultime foto!! Complimenti!! mi viene da piangere se penso che ho scassato la mia macchina nuova con grandi potenzialità in soli 15 giorni.