My creative space...

Work in progress
This is a busy week, but with many results ....
In the picture you can see a preview
what will be in my shop next week ...

I have hidden the pictures in the 60s style with Picnik
to not show the real colors of objects, hehe ...

Want to show your creative space?

Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)

What is your favorite combination?
Gray - red
Blue - red
Blue - white
Black - red
Black - pink
White - turquoise
Yellow - blue
Yellow - red
Brown - blue
Brown - cream
Black - turquoise
Black - red
Black - blue cobalt
Blue - violetred

I want to know your favorite
You can also give more than one answer
Comment Here !!


vadjutka said...

lovely pins Sumiko!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Evelyn, my appinion will not help: I love all the combinations and even more LOL honestly

Dina Fragola said...

My favorite would definitely be Black - pink. And I never wear brown. Hope this helps a little ;)

Maria said...

Your pins are adorable! My personal fav combos are:
Yellow - Blue
Black - Red
White - Turquoise

Swiedebie said...

My fav combo is Black-pink.

ingermaaike said...

Red and purple and yellow and orange are my faves. Brown is not a color I would wear normally, black not often either but they can look real great!

tamara! said...

It's looking lovely so far!

I love turquoise - white and also turquoise - brown. Or lime green - brown - white.

Have a wonderful weekend!

karuski said...

New hair pins look promising!
I love white with a color such as turquoise, red, pink or lime/green. It really depends on an item but white often makes the combination fresh, I think.

Buon fine di settimana a te! (I hope I got this right, lol)