Guest this week: Angie Rebennack

Rebennack Angie is the owner of The Outfit, an online shop that offers handmade children's clothes and accessories for babies and moms ...
I'm sure you'll love this shop!
I asked her to answer some questions:

1- Tell us something about yourself
My background is in designing women's wear, but my love for things that have been hand-crafted brought me half-way to where I am today... my first baby brought me the rest of the way!
2- What is your Craft? How did you learn? I personally design & sew clothing for kids, and along with my husband design & screen-print shirts for kids and adults. I learned both in college and by experimenting, and from my husband, who can do anything.

3- How long have you done your craft? for about 20 years.

4.What advice would you give to a new seller? be true to yourself, and find what makes you and your product unique.

5. What are your favorite shops or blogs? of course! I also love:
6- anything else you want to share with us
Designing kid's stuff was fun for me, but once I realized how much beautiful work is being made in the living rooms of the world, by moms like me, while the baby was napping... I wanted to bring it all together in one place. I opened a store in March of 2008 in Long Beach, CA. I enjoyed seeing the enjoyment on the customers faces, seeing the loving work I carried in the store. I June of this year we learned our family will grow again, with our third baby! I decided to close the store and focus on having a website & being present at special events around our community. I still have the drive to showcase what we mamas can do!

** Angie Rebennack **
the Outfit - Handmade for Kids

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Vilt à la Kim said...

nice article.
Mamma are the best!!!!

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What a cute shop!

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Nice , pretty and lovely !!!!
Cool !!!
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ingermaaike said...

Wow what a very tempting selection she has put together!