Guest this week: Miz Katie

This week I want to introduce, an Etsy seller
from Kansas/United States: Miz Katie !!

1- Tell us something about yourself
I am obsessed with painting and mixed media art. I’m all about the process when I'm creating. The struggle, if you will. That’s where the real meat of it all lies..somewhere between the idea, and the sigh of relief. But, there is never a day that I have to force myself out of bed and into the studio. I get up eager to get to work every morning. I think to myself, I wonder what I'm going to create today? hm..

2- What is your Craft? How did you learn?
I have been a self-taught, mixed media artist for over ten years. I have never taken an art class, except when I was in grade school, and twice online.

3- How long have you done your craft?
I started selling my work online in 1999. I have had success selling handmade books, greeting cards, collages, and other handmade items.

Then, I started to paint on canvas (Feb 2009), and haven’t looked back since. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never quite dared. I had the misconception that painters knew instinctively how to paint, that they were born with a gift. I've come to realize it's a skill that can be learned. I still have a lot to learn, but man, is it ever fun!!

4.What advice would you give to a new seller?
Study marketing; you will have to do A LOT of it. Read everything about Etsy you can get your hands on - the good and the bad. Join social networks. Be brave and don't be shy about putting your work out there - even the stuff you don't like. I have sold stuff that I absolutely hated, but someone else liked it enough to purchase it. Be approachable. Offer custom work. Don't sell yourself short. Your time is valuable. Make sure you price your items accordingly.

5. What are your favorite shops or blogs?
Etsy shops:

Favorite blogs:

6- anything else you want to share with us
I live a pretty isolated life in a rural Kansas town. I'm always looking for like-minded artist friends online.

Places you can find Miz Katie

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ingermaaike said...

So very nice to meet you MizKatie!

miz katie said...

Thank you!!

matchstickgirl said...

inspiring ...and good to see someone with such lovely energy and charming style

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