Guest this week:

Days ago I discovered this new Etsy seller, I'm about to introduce to you. I love photography and this shop has struck me immediately!
Her name is Tracey and comes from Canada, and I could not ask her to tell us a little bit of her shop
I brake for bokeh photography, and something about how she started taking pictures, heard here!

"Photography is a way for me to show the rest of the world the world as I see it, or would like to see it. The light, the shadow, the play of colours. I lose track of time when I am behind my camera. I lose track of time when I am playing with my photos, creating the vision I want to share. I am a very private person and sharing my photos is a way for me to share pieces of myself. Knowing they are appreciated, knowing they elicit a reaction in others, brings me such joy.

I began taking photos years ago with an old point and shoot camera. In 2008 I purchased my first digital SLR, Algernon. (Yes, I name my cameras.) With Algernon the world changed and I found the bokeh. I found a way to be myself. Shortly thereafter "I brake for bokeh" was born. I have never looked back."
I maintain a blog
and am active on Flickr
as well as having my shop on Etsy

Thank you, Evelyn for approaching me and featuring me on your wonderful blog.



Kosmika said...

These pictures are gorgeous, i can't stop looking at her Flickr album :) She's such a talented artist. Thanks for sharing!

Mairi said...

Wonderful pictures, I love them ^__^

raceytay said...

Thank you, Evelyn - and Mairi and Kosmika!

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely images! Thanks for sharing! Algernon is doing a great job!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

What beautiful work!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful pictures and a great post!

Thank you so very much for sharing!