Guest this week: Whimsy and Charm

This week I want to introduce, an Etsy seller
from Bloomington, IL/United States: Tanya of whimsy & charm!!

1- Tell us something about yourself
My name is Tanya and I run the Etsy shop whimsy & charm. I've always been a deeply creative, passionate person. When I was a young girl, I wanted to write and illustrate children's books and then wanted to write novels. When I was a teenager I wanted to make movies. As a career choice, I went to culinary school and became certified in the baking and pastry arts. I worked as a pastry chef for about seven years until I was laid off. In the meantime, I've opened up my Etsy shop, selling some cross stitch and kanzashi accessories. I also know how to knit, sew, and do some paper crafts. I really love trying new things!

2- What is your Craft? How did you learn?
I do tsumami kanzashi, which are usually hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles (most commonly for geisha). You can actually read more about it here: I create a more modern twist on the craft though and make kanzashi from different fabrics and turn them into not only hair accessories, but brooches and more recently necklaces and soon earrings and rings. I also sell a small amount of cross stitch items.
With all of my crafts, I am self-taught. I've never had a teacher or taken a class. When I want to learn something, I just dive right in. I do a lot of research and reading, watching tutorials online, and practice, practice, practice!

3- How long have you done your craft?
I've only been doing kanzashi since around November 2009. I used to make fabric flowers to put on some of my purses and then learned about kanzashi and became obsessed. I've been cross stitching for about a year and a half now.
4.What advice would you give to a new seller?
Well, I'm still kind of new myself, but the first bit of advice I'd give to a new seller is to be patient. New businesses take time. You also really have to put yourself out there and take risks. Network and make friends. Set goals for yourself. One of the best things I've read about goals is not to set goals which depend on the actions of others. Set goals that depend on the actions of you alone.

5. What are your favorite shops or blogs?
Favorite shops:
andwabisabi - i love the cross stitch patterns in this shop!
All Things Small - love her pocket animals!
Dirty Ass Soaps - amazingly realistic food-shaped soaps!

Favorite blogs:
oh, hello friend
Just Something I Made
casey's musings

6- anything else you want to share with us
Thank you for allowing me to share myself with you and your readers!

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tanya said...

thank you for featuring me on your beautiful blog! this is fantastic!

Kosmika said...

Thanks Evelyn for featuring every time interesting and lovely sellers :) - by the way, I just adore those felt cats at the bottom of the article ;)