Guest this week: sabahnur

Today I want to introduce an Etsy seller from Europe, Turkey: Sabahnur !! Her shop is full of cute things done with crochet and love ...

"I am Sabahnur and live in Istanbul.. from 2003 married to a lovely man and from 2006 mom of a cutie girl..
i quit my job by her birth and begin to look after her by myself. altough taking care a child is a full time job i had to sth relaxing me after all day mess.. i love crafting too much while surfing on the net i met the amigurumi toys -crocheted toys-

first i crocheted just for my kiddo, then couldnt stop myself, crocheted and crocheted.. i had lots of lovely comments for them from my friends,then opened my etsy shop and began to sell there.

i especially crochet small and cutie animals,birds,kitties.. and more.. "
by the way i have a facebook fan page,
active on my flickr
and on twitter

dear Evelyn thanks for the giving a space in your lovely blog.. xx"
thanks dear

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ira said...

Nice to read about Sabah here, her crochet work just incredible!:)

kraplap said...

so lovely to see Sabah here ! I love all her animals !

ingermaaike said...

Love the sweet creatures Saba thinks up :-D

creativitity channel said...

little animals are amazing! I like also the airplane!!

Lazyfish said...

such sweet items!i'd love to learn how to crochet :) said...

What a beautiful item !! So sweet so lovely Sabahnur :))) And great blog !