Meet a shop from Greece

As I said last post, this is the week dedicated to Europe on Etsy. So I'd like to present some shop every day from different parts of Europe. Today I want to show La Cravate du Chien from Greece!

Hello! I'm Daphne and i'm 28 years old. I leave in Greece with my black cat, Penelope. :) I am a graphic designer but I enjoy making jewelry much more! There's nothing like working with your own hands! I started with crafts four years ago just as a hobby and now i just can't stop!
I love reading and laying in the sun. If i can combine these two, then i'm up in my cloud! :)

lacravatteduchien elsewhere:

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LaCravateDuChien said...

Thank you so much! :D

antigoni said...

Beautiful post...:) Daphne knows how much I love her work :)

Thank you Sumi for featuring a Greek shop.

artistico said...

beautiful post :) great artist

Gogo Korogiannou said...

Great post for a lovely shop!!

gr8jewellery said...

Wonderful post! Love Daphne's work!

Rely said...

Great creations I love her style!!!