Meet a shop from Latvia

This week is a special event because there will be two stores per day featured in this blog! I wanted to do with, many more, as there are cities in Europe, but it is not possible in a week, serving a Euro months! LOL
So another shop from Latvia: alatvian

My name is Rita. I'm a Latvian mother of 4, teacher, translator and artist. Love every activity that lets me be creative. Am bad on repetition and making series. Love to try and learn something new the most. Love to teach. Love the community on Etsy. Am a member of 4 teams already. :) Making and selling handmade and supplies is my main income for now. Need to sell more. Have always much more ideas as time and energy to fulfill them. Would love to be the designer and let others make the items. :)

Happy to be featured here!

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niftyknits said...

Wonderful work - hope everyone has a great Euro week!

cream rose said...

This is great, what a busy life Rita has:)))

Mairi said...

Wonderful shops, I like those delicate petals and sea glasses too :)

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so very much for this great feature sweetheart!