I'm away ....

Sunset dream by ChelseaVictoria

Just a quick update:
This week I'll be on vacation at my parents' house in Verona, Italy.
I think I really need to pull the plug, recharge, rest, then return to form, to write every day in this blog. Do not worry, I will not stay away long, only until Sunday 18th, then resume my life as before, but most charge! Maybe I will pass by here for a quick post to keep the blog still active, but I want to especially enjoy this little vacation.
Thanks to all my readers and I wish you a good spring!



zsazsazsu said...

Enjoy the rest, no stress, no worries, good food, lovely weather and some culture ! Have fun !

Missus D said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Just wondering, do you know much about Torino and Milano? I'm visiting next month and I would love to have locals tell me what's good to do in Italy!