Mechanical Faulty Doll

Today I want to show you something I discovered a few days ago.
Claudia, an Italian girl who is part of my team "Etsy Italia team" in addition to having an Etsy shop Yarnmessage also has a passion for theater. After watching this funny video, I could not show it to you!
titled "Mechanical Doll"
look here!

Claudia says:

"The title of the show was organized by Kairos Theatre "Exercises in Style", from the homonymous book by Raymond Queneau. The script is a collection of 99 retellings of the same story, each in a different style. The scene is always the same while always different.

The plot is very simple: the narrator gets on the "S" bus, witnesses an altercation between a man with a long neck and funny hat and another passenger, and then sees the same person two hours later at the Gare St-Lazare getting advice on adding a button to his overcoat.

Every actor of this show had a goal: bringing on stage the story proposed by Queneau in the cent different way. So I thought it might be fun to hear the same tale told by a mechanical faulty doll! I've always been curious about the idea of interpreting a doll with no soul, thoughts and opinions. With limited movement and stiff joints, a doll is the exact opposite of a human being. She cannot see, hear or feel: that was my own challenge in dealing with this role, another small piece to store and bring with me!"


Rita alias alatvian said...


Thank you for sharing!

ira said...

Very interesting!

Relydesign said...

She is really good!! I saw the video on FB;D My compliments Claudia!!!

YarnMessage said...

Sumiko thank you very much for featuring my video! I loved being the faulty doll!