Shop by color: Purple and Turquoise round-up!

This weekend for my treasury I chose a combination of purple and turquoise. The winner of last week is Betsy3, which is included in this treasury with her beautiful butteerfly earrings!

Now is the time for a new collection of treasures made by you!
Everyone can participate, see past blog posts to understand how it works. Is simple, you have to do a treasury East and post the link below, Must be made entirely of one color or a combination.
here some important things to remember:
  • Put the best picture as the first picture!
  • The link should be directed to the Treasury East (not blog, or other sites)
  • The first photo should be an item of the Treasury (not avatars or other images)
  • the thumbnails should look like another collage, so do your best in choose the first picture!


Mairi said...

As always, lovely idea and treasury :)

WolfeWoman said...

Gorgeous- what a great idea for a post- love this series!