Shop by color: Share your Treasury

Hello everyone, you're ready to share your treasury again this weekend? The winner of last week, is Nauli, that is included with her book in this treasury all in yellow.

Everyone can participate, see past blog posts to understand how it works. Is simple, you have to do a treasury East and post the link below, Must be made entirely of one color or a combination.
here some important things to remember:
  • Put the best picture as the first picture!
  • The link should be directed to the Treasury East (not blog, or other sites)
  • The first photo should be an item of the Treasury (not avatars or other images)
  • the thumbnails should look like another collage, so do your best in choose the first picture!


Mairi said...

Wonderful treasury :) congrats! I'll try to partecipate.

Rita alias alatvian said...

Great idea!
Thank you so very much!

BPR Designs said...

it's so fun to build these T-ast treasuries!!