Summer Love: What color are you?

You are multicolored, like the season? or do you continue to love the black and brown?

I love decorating the house, with accessories and ornaments of various colors, every room of my house has a different paint, looks like a carnival house... but often I dress in neutral palette or dark... This is a contradiction? or just a way to love all the colors differently?



vadjutka said...

Beautiful color schemes - thanks for using my ring for red :-)

As for me, I am blue and lilac nowadays... :-)

gretchenmist said...

love your collections ~ thanks for including my print :)
i'm going with the bright warm colours at the moment!

zsb creations said...

wow, wonderful selections!!

i said...
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Kettle Confections said...

Thank you for including our Strawberry Almond Nougat candies!