Discovering Links

Hello how are you? Today is a beautiful summer day, I have the sea nearby, what I do here at the computer? I ask myself daily, but update the blog and my shop is really important to me, but sometimes I feel trapped ...
What is most important for you? Being outdoors and live longer possible experiences, or trying to start up your small business?

Here are some links that I found and wanted to share with you:

a shop situated in Milan, which exhibits various products of creative artists from Italy. You can see pictures of the shop and the site here

How to Make Money on Etsy:
wonderful article full of tips and secrets

TIRAMISU CUPCAKES recipe from Lillyella
so yummy I must-try!

Multi Prize Giveaway from imaginativebloom: want to be a contributor to this event? read the rules here

You want to report anything interesting?
comments here, and I'll update the list!


Mairi said...

Interesting and useful links :)