Etsy Promo Love Interview: Artistico

Hello, I want to introduce in the coming weeks some interviews with members of Etsy Promo Love Team! Today I am happy to present Artistico from Greece.

Hello, my name is Kostas and I'm 42 years old. I have studied graphic design and illustration. I have worked as a graphic designer for many years and I enjoy spending most of my free time in my mixed media art and in my Etsy shop

-Where are you originally from?
I was born in Piraeus near Athens, but now I live on the island of Thassos, Greece.

-How did you choose the lovely name for your Etsy Shop?
I love art and when I was thinking of how to name my Etsy shop, my
wife said to me: “ohh that mixed media you just created is so artistic!” After that, I chose to name my shop Artistico, which has a little bit of a Greek flair.

-How did you find Etsy? How long have you been selling on Etsy?
I found out about Etsy completely by accident, while I was looking around in Shutterstock, where I sell my photos and I saw that many people were discussing about the Etsy site. I opened mine in 2008 and been here ever since :)

-How would you describe your style?
I could call it...hmmm... unique and I love music, birds and collage... I think my style would fit in any home d├ęcor… Generally, I love earthly tones.

- How did you first come to art and creativity? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?
I have always been a creative person. Ever since I can remember my self, I wanted to work with anything that had to do with art. Being able to express myself through art and to better understand the world around me is a journey I never want to end... I wish to interpret everything around me within my art... feelings, emotions, things, nature, light, everything…

-How long have you been creating?
My whole life? Yes this is it.. I remember my small fingers when I was 5 year old to be full of .. My parents’ home walls was full of colours.. lol

-What are your main sources of inspiration?
Everything around me, even a small stone on the beach, or a cloud in the sky... In the past years I have fallen in love with vintage art and this is my main source of inspiration now.

-Have you had any mentors, or are you self taught?
I have a lot of mentors... but I am also a free spirit, so I am mainly self-taught

-Do you sell more at one time of year than others?
My best time of the year is during Christmas holidays, but since last year I have sales on a monthly basis. The quiet season for me is the summer.

-What is one thing about your creative process that you think most people don't know?
My messy studio… lol My creative place is filled with colours, papers, brushes and so on... sometimes I try to tidy up and have everything in place, but I love seeing all my mediums around me...

-How has life affected your art and art affected your life?
It definitely works both ways!!!! My entire life is filled with my art. My children have recently started helping me… when I want to make a special collage, they choose materials and play with me ... everything around me is like a mirror and you can see my art on it. Depending on my mood and how my life is at any given time, I create something that depicts that state.

-Do you have a favorite item you have made?
This is my all time favourite:
but from my latest art I love this one:

-What is the best reaction you have gotten from one of your pieces?
Returning for more of my art! :) and much bigger in size

-Your message for all of us?
I would love to see our world better and more friendly, I also wish to see the children around the world happy…pls could I have that?


artistico said...

wow evelyn:) so great interview :) thnks so much xxx

Katrinshine said...

Very interesting! I find inspiration in all world around too)

verity - un mondo a parte said...

Fantastic interview, congrats to Artistico and congrats to Evelyn ^_^

Erika Price said...

Great interview!

Mairi said...

Great! :D What a joyful person you are Artistico :)

Rely said...

interview are always amazing! great job! congrats Artistico!!!

Missus D said...

Agree with Mairi! Kostas has a really joyful heart and it feels like doing what he loves doing has brought his family close. Wishing you the best!