Discovering Links

I found many links this week I want to share with you! Some relate to the business on the internet, some just curious and other events just about me:
  • Why Biting your Tongue is Good for your Business from papernstitch: an article in my opinion very important on how to handle dissatisfied customers
  • Spending Money to Make Money for your Business from papernstitch: another useful article about how to manage or improve your service and how to spend good money for your business.
  • Paint a Tree In Your Kid’s Bedroom-Free Download from Carina Gardner
  • help me win Three months free at Lovely clusters:all you have to do is an easy click on the "LIKE" facebook button!

if you want to share some useful links, comments below, and will update the list!


Naomi said...

Oooh thanks, what great tips here!

Sandra Rosa said...

Thanks a lot for the tips , I really enjoy reading papernstitch!