Flickr Favorites: Paris

1.Up in the air, 2.Souvenir de Paris,
I left my heart in Paris,
4.Still no Train to wait for but Paris to look at

Mitsy this time proposed to make the collage with a theme: favorite destination. How do I pick just one? I would turn the world! So I chose a destination that probably I will visit very soon, perhaps this winter: Paris! I can not wait!

I made another collage: Vintage stationery
I could create a shortcut: turn to Paris in search of vintage shops! Great!
I would buy books, letters something vintage, even for use as backgrounds for my jewels ... I love the romantic aspect, that the sepia color giving to the photos.


Nauli said...

beautiful flickr collage! Fits so well in your blog!

Feyza DEMIRTAS said...

Great post !
I will be waiting you in Paris

And I have lots of vintage paper and books :) so happy with them ;)

LeelaBijou said...

Gorgeous mosaics both!m :)

Mairi said...

Wonderful collage! :) I love Paris, I would like go to Paris each year but it is not possible :(


Beautiful mosaic!

Have a nice day!

ArtMind said...

I think Paris is a fab destination! I love both mosaics you made.

gizecraft said...

So beautiful!

anka said...

To visit Paris in search for vintage - there couldn't be a better match. Hope you get to visit Paris and have a lovely time there!

clancyslover said...


you're so lucky to be going to paris!! winter is just around the corner!!

veronica said...

I`ve always wanted to go to paris! you are so lucky!