Month plan and News

Hello dear readers, you've already planned, the month of September? I decided to write two lines of what I would do for the coming months and update you with some news which I am very excited:

- I accept submissions: If you want to be featured sellers, offer a giveaway or be interviewed I'm happy to introduce you in my blog! just leave a link of your shop, in the comments box at the end of the blog.

- seeking collaborators: want to be part of the editors of this blog? or only occasionally write a post without commitment? I'd like to have some guest bloggers, it might look nice and helpful to grow this blog! we could plan some event or some interesting initiative...

- tutorials: If you have any tutorial I will be happy to share it with my readers

- Contest: I decided that once a month there will be a treasury contest "shop by color" (as you already know this event through the old posts) and the prize will be a free month on my blog as a Top Sponsor.

and now the latest news:

- Giveaway at "Oh Hello Friend" Blog: win a $40 gift certificate to spend in my shop, the giveaway ends on September 6, if you want to join go and comment here.

- Vote for Me: Tomorrow is the last day of the lovely clusters contest, so if you want to help me, simply click on the "LIKE" facebook button here

- I updated my personal blog with the next project on the packaging and new hair pins, look here



vadjutka said...

I would be happy to be featured on your blog. Thanks for considering me:

Mairi said...

Great projects! I'll consider to write one post, but not in this period :( busy period >__< I'd like also to be featured in your blog, but I think my minis don't fit the style of your blog :D
Anyway, good job for the new month ;)

Rely said...

Great news :=D
i'd like to be featured here, or do the interview or the giveaway!!:=D let me know witch is the best for you!