Have a Lovely Weekend !

Good morning! As you plan your weekend?
The summer is over and I am already sad about this. If time permits I would go to the beach a couple of hours this afternoon, at least to say hello .... then I have some things I want to finish before Monday:

- I have to finish some packages to send them by Monday morning. When buying over the weekend, I make the packages even if it's Sunday, because I don't like, that the customers wait too long to receive their goods.

- I have to redo the items sold, only those I can, unfortunately not all are reproducible.

- I want to find a recipe to make cupcakes, in Italian, I bought the paper cups, and I can not wait to try!

- watch a good movie, and eat a delicious pizza!
Happy Weekend!!

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oneperfectday said...

Hi Sumiko!
I just discovered your blog the other day and I think it's fantastic!
It's been a while since I saw a blog that I think is great on every count.
It's simply beautiful.