Pretty things, with light shades of purple

Peaceful Violet by ordinarybeauty6
Green, Taupe and Mint Bracelet by EverydayDiamonds
Rescued Farm Bucket by fadedprairie
Soft and silky cotton yarn by sassalynne
Linen pincushion - crochet motif by Namolio

These light shades of purple and green give a sense of peace and freshness... every item here has its own particular texture and delicate small details, is a pleasure to watch!



etherealflowers said...

lovely post!
anche io volevo fare qualcosa con questi colori...ora mi sento ancora piĆ¹ ispirata, grazie! ;)


creativitity channel said...

really nice!!

Mairi said...

Wow wonderful colors :O I love the third pic :)

Melody said...

Lovely! Especially that pin-cushion.

alteaperle said...

Really nice pics!

Waterrose said...

love all of your choices...but that thread is calling me!

zsazsazsu said...

Great colorcombinations ! Enjoyable pics !

zsazsazsu said...

Great colorcombinations ! Enjoyable pics !