Treasury Challenge

Hello everyone, it's time for this month "Treasury Challenge" ! For people new to this game, here are the details:
everything you need to do, is a treasury and enter the link in the button below, choosing an image that will be shown in miniature. The most beautiful treasury wins!

the prize is a Free banner +post blog for a month here on my blog! There are no rules about color or theme of your treasury, so express your imagination!  
The contest ends Saturday 20.

here some important things to remember:
  • Put the best picture as the first picture!
  • The link should be directed to the Treasury East (not blog, or other sites)
  • The first photo should be an item of the Treasury (not avatars or other images)


*Evelyn* said...

I forgot to write that you can participate with more than one entry
so feel free to enter all the treasury, you want
The first three are made by me, to show you how your thumbnails will appear
if you want, you can enter and comment on any thumbnail

Have fun and happy day!!
xo Evelyn