I'm waiting

I'm waiting for: 
  • my package does not arrive
  • My business cards are missing do not know where (maybe still in some airport)
  • the results of an important collaboration (this is a big surprise)
  • I look forward to Christmas (come to my house, my parents and my sister, I do not see them for a long time)
  • my new vintage white telephone (my son broke the home phone)
  • I'm looking forward to the new year, new expectations
  • I miss summer (I live by the sea, and watch the beach without enjoying it, it saddens me)
 You're waiting for?

image credit: atomicturquoise


vadjutka said...

I have lots of plans for 2011 - so I am looking forward th enext year, and I am waiting for my patience to arrive ..I badly need it :-)

Happy New Year eEelyn!