Happy or Sad?

Is only the third day of 2011 and already much has happened!
Some news has shocked me, while others are what I wanted for a long time... where do I begin?

This morning I went to the post to send a package and guess what? The Italian post office have increased disproportionately, the Priority Mail (which is now our regular mail) instead of 1.50 , I paid 3.30 to ship in the U.S.   
This has been saddened me early in the morning :(
What can I do? Now, I am forced to increase shipping costs, and this may alienate customers, who are to pay a lot of shipping.

really sad :(

now I'm seriously thinking of changing my currency on Etsy, that is to sell in euro rather than in dollars. If you were a customer, you'd be stuck buying in a currency different from yours? or does not change anything for you?

♥  but the good thing is that I got the results of my collaboration, finally! I can only say that my secret collaborator, is a photographer, and tonight I can finally show you the photos taken for me, I'm really excited:)

I think my mood today is confused .... happy, sad, excited, upset, I do not even know... but tomorrow I know that I will be different!

credit image: recuerdoazul 


zsazsazsu said...

I've changed into Euro's, hoping that European buyers will find the way to etsy easier. We need more european buyers !