One moment please !

stop all, I need to catch my breath! 
One moment please, it's only January 11, is already too many things are happening all together, good and bad, and I feel disoriented at this time (if this is the right term), and then I'm losing the concentration of my goals.
I really need a vacation:) 
I thought I would be able to start 2011 with all my energy, but maybe I just need a break... I'm going slowly, do a little at a time, and this is not me, I'm an active person, who generally shoots ahead, but now I'm limping ...
I will not give me too many breaks, because for me it is a waste of time, but I want to take things more lightly, at least for a week, since I can not go on holiday :(
So probably this will impact on my blog, more, my store already has started slowly this year (my fault)... but I'll be here around the same, to tell you the many positive developments happened in these days!
thank you for your support!

image credit: Behiko


Rita alias alatvian said...

Dear Evelyn!
Please, take it easy!
Everything has its time!

DemyBlackDesign said...

Don't think too much! All that we need a break even though you think that's wrong time for it! What i love about time is - I know that in few moments I'll be a bit different and will feel different! It means now you want a break and the other minute everything is possible for you!

Angel.Pearls said...

Slow down..take a break, I feel the same. Wish all the best for 2011.Eva

Nauli said...

Dear Evelyn, breaks are so important. We've taken our holiday break longer tuan planned. It just didn't work the other way. We wanna learn from it and do it next time planned and full of happiness.