Experiment new photos

Bon Voyage collection 

Since spring has arrived, I feel more creative, and I thought I could renew the photos of my shop, make them more colorful and perhaps more feminine... 
I'm still experimenting with new decorative items, and new backgrounds, and I'm already very excited about the initial results, but I would like to hear from you:

how should they be? What are your favorite? 
  • white background, colorful, floral, feminine
  • whimsical, vintage-style, romantic, sepia 
  • or a delicate mix of the above options?
feel free to express your honest opinion, with a comment

Bon Voyage collection - Brass Whistle Pendant

mustard yellow floral hair pins set

I wish you a fantastic Friday night, xo Evelyn 


Tündéri Lonka said...

i think vintage-style, romantic, sepia is the best

Jessi said...

those are so pretty!

Jennie Prince said...

OOooo...I love all the photos! On a side note, the first necklace is GORGEOUS!