Weekend Diy: customize packages

Hello friends, as you have planned your Easter weekend? I am here today for the first time with a tutorial made ​​by me, and I am really satisfied! The pictures are not beautiful, but I hope you will understand everything. There are many steps to do, but I assure you it's really easy!

  • recycled foam, sponge
  • craft cutter and scissors
  • cord or any wire
  • envelopes, cards or any thing you want to decorate
  • acrylic color
  • sheets and printer

  • First of all you have to prepare everything needed to decorate your envelopes, put the color on the saucer (I used red and white), and draw in some papers, your personalized decorations.
  • I drew on a sheet (you may use a heavy duty cardboard, if you prefer) a scalloped edge, then I cut inside with the cutter, leaving the border all around, and then I tested my scalloped edge on a sheet.
  • To make your sponge, you must cut two squares (no matter the size) one small and a larger one. I bundled up the little square and I wrapped up with the larger one to make a bundle, then I closed with the wire.
  • Now you can start to decorate your envelopes! Put the cut sheet on top of the bag, stopping well with the tape, soaked in color your sponge, and fill your board trying not to move the sheets.  

  • I printed out another sheet with the words "Thank you" that I cut out trying to be as accurate as possible with the cutter. To get the best, you should use a bold font, and print the desired width. If you do not have the printer, you can search for a word in a newspaper, or if you are good with graffiti, do a custom written. Then you have to test your writing on a sheet.

I used the word "Thank you " to decorate my linen bags and some white envelopes, and the next time I would try a darker color.
I created this makeshift tutorial for people like me who does not have a lot of rubber stamps, I hope it will be useful, one day... :)
I wish you a lovely Friday evening! xo Evelyn


ishe said...

great! nice project ) this tip about sponge - i didn't know about it, very usefull

Tündéri Lonka said...

uh, i like it

sell wow account said...

so cute~