Hurrah! The new business cards from arrived in the mail today, and they are superb! I also took some pictures of a package that I was doing at that moment, for an order. I thought I would add as a decorative item, a brass bell, do not you find it cute?

The new business cards portray the pictures taken by Simon Filip, and the model is Becky Filip of The Honey Trees(You can read more in my old blog post)

Finalmente, le nuove business cards di sono arrivate oggi nella mia cassetta delle lettere :) e sono stupende! Ho scattato alcune foto anche di un pacchetto che stavo facendo in quel momento per un ordine. Ho pensato di aggiungere anche come oggetto decorativo una campanellina in ottone, non la trovate carina? 
Le nuove business cards raffigurano le foto scattate da Simon Filip, e la modella è Becky Filip degli The Honey Trees
(per saperne di più, potete leggere il mio vecchio post blog)


Tündéri Lonka said...

so good. it has a nice vintage loook, i really like it!

andrea said...

veramente bellisime

Anonymous said...

I really like your web page!!!! I was wondering if you could tell me how do you call that kind of stamp with the letters in a circle ( the light pink stamp, in the pictures) I will really appreciate...thx!


*Evelyn* said...

Hi Kathy,
It was my sister, give me that stamp
I think it's called, alphabet stamp roll

Anonymous said...

OH THANK YOU!!!! Evelyn !!!! , I live in Guatemala and I want one! :) SO is better if I know the name!! thank youuuuuuuuuu!!