a look outside

Happy Wednesday! Today the sun comes and goes, and I found it nice to take a picture in front of my house ... I'm not very present in the blog lately, I'm enjoying every single day of this fantastic summer,  but I hope to return to write daily, in the blog soon!  is the first time that I take such a long break!
I'm waiting for some packs, and started with my new collection for this fall ... will be a surprise because I thought, to make some changes, but I'm still looking for a way to photograph the new collection, a new background ... I hope to start soon ... in the meantime enjoy the 15% discount on all items in my shop, the promotion will end July 31
I wish you a good day, xo Evelyn


Kawaii-Woman said...

Eve buona estate!!ma scrivi ogni tanto che mi manchi!!

Maddalena said...