Sponsor Giveaway !!

Maybe I never gave an introduction to this blog.
I created Sumikoshop Lovely Finds to share with you interesting things I find around the internet, supporting handmade, finding new brands, features some sellers with interviews and giveaway, share photos that I love, and much more . I do my best to grow this blog as much as possible, but time is always short, so if someone wants to collaborate in some way to grow this blog with me, I will be happy to discuss it.
This blog also offers advertising space for a few dollars/€ per month for those who want to advertise your shop or blog. I love to support people like me who struggle to grow and make known their shop, so I decided to create this giveaway:

One Month Free as a Top Sponsor on my blog,
plus a blog post dedicated to your shop or blog!

-How many people can win this giveaway?

There will be two winners!
-Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, April 28.
-Prize: Ad Size 150x150 px Static (non-animated) and animated ads at your choice

To win this giveaway is simple:
leave a comment below with the link to your shop or what you would like to advertise, and say what you like about this blog, what's missing and what you would like to see more.
I love to receive constructive criticism and feedback comments.

Then follow one or all of my links: this Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

only one comment per person!

(if you want to spread the word of this giveaway, I'll be really happy)


Rosemary said...

Wonderful idea and giveaway :)
here's my shop: http://www.AgShop.etsy.com

I like your blog and I loovee your jewelry :) So it's very difficult to critique.
The thing that I would like to see changed is the language of blogspot - I feel confused, when I see italian while posting comments and checking blogpost date :)

Mairi said...

Hello :)
I think your blog is perfect about colours, news, pictures (I love your style so much!!!), maybe it is too full on the right side, the last two columns, on a way that hide the main column.
My shop: www.mairitales.etsy.com
Good job Sumiko :)

Rely said...

Great giveaway's idea ;D
my shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/Relydesign

what can I say!! I love the way you chose the post and the pictures ...the result is always really elegant!!! I don't have any critiques ;)

verity - un mondo a parte said...

Hi there ^_^
my shop is http://verityunmondoaparte.etsy.com and I love too much your blog, especially the choice of colors in every post ! It's a very curated blog ^_^

Jane said...

Fun contest! My shop is:


I'd like to promote my new sewing pattern:


I think your blog layout is very pleasing. It is attractive and easy to read.

Thanks so much!

gretchenmist said...

a great idea for a giveaway!
my link:

i really like your blog! love the interviews and finds, they are all an extension of your stlye :)

Ayca HOSER said...

Wonderful idea for a giveaway!

my link is ;

I have no suggestions because i'm not good blogger :(
And everything looks very great already :)

Rita alias alatvian said...

Great idea for a give away!

My link: http://www.etsy.com/alatvian

I like your blog as it is!

CoccinelleRouge said...

Hello Sumiko :)
I really like your blog, it's colourful and quite interesting!
It is not simple to find something wrong.
Maybe it would be nice to see some more themed post focused on inspiring photography :)

Thanks for this opportunity.


ingermaaike said...

I love looking around here , it always has such a fresh happy look, all that you show :-D

Pauline Paulette said...

Great idea your giveaway!

I partcularly like the layout and graphics on your blog: minimalist, clean, delicate... refined

Maybe sometimes the text is very short, it's hard to see "you" between the lines. Maybe, not always, but sometimes, it would be curious and interesting to see something more of you in this blog.

For example this post, about the giveaway, was on this mood

PS: Have I said I lover your earrings? =P

filigreephotos said...

My shop: http://www.etsy.com/filigreecreations

I really could use and ad for my lamps :)

I like your blog! The one thing I find unusual (but maybe that is just because I've seen too few blogs) you have two right side columns. To my mind those are more active that the main column and unbalances the whole composition, which makes a bit harder to read. But that's just me... :) No offense! :)

p.s I'm following your blog, facebook and twitter now (I don't have flickr yet)

YarnMessage said...

Sumiko, your blog is really cute! I love it and I love your creations. Why don't you try center the posts column? ;-)

Here is my shop address: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YarnMessage

Thank you for the opportunity, this "sponsor giveaway" is a great idea!

YarnMessage :)

con-creta said...

Trovo veramente adorabile il tuo blog, è delicato, leggero, fresco come il venticello primaverile che porta con se il profumo dei fiori, mi piace!
Se proprio proprio devo trovare un neo...aggiungerei soltanto la traduzione in italiano del post.



PassionArte said...

Lovely idea! I love read your posts, always with a different theme, with a beautiful choice of pictures!

Janvangogh said...

What a nice idea for a giveaway. I do have some giveaways going on on my blog. Here is the latest.

I really have to admire how you seek out different shops and items to feature.

creativitity channel said...

ciao Evelyn!! bell'idea!!
il tuo blog mi piace hai sempre delle foto stupende, si parla di tutto moda, arredamento, ispirazioni..con post vari e costanti!!
ma...mi manca l'italiano..sono pigra e non ho voglia di leggere in inglese!
; )
grazie per l'opportunita'
baci Paola

il mio indirizzo è www.atelierpompadour.etsy.com