shop by color: Aqua and Purple round-up !!

Another week has passed! And it's time for the new "Shop by Color"! Last week I chose a winner: NoniBam! Congratulations, NoniBam is now featured in this collage Aqua and Purple.
The winner will be added each time, in the new treasury that will do for the post of the week after.
You can find the rules on how to participate in previous post here.
Is simple, just do a Treasury East and put the link below, Must be made entirely of one color or a combination, have fun and feel free to show your shopping list!
  • Put the best picture as the first picture!
  • The link should be directed to the Treasury East (not blog, or other sites)
  • The first photo should be an item of the Treasury (not avatars or other images)
  • the thumbnails should look like another collage, so do your best in choose the first picture!


matchstickgirl said...

wow nice idea ....


Annette F Tait said...

oops - I'm sorry - please delete my two Easts as I've just noticed they don't fit into your colour scheme (sorry :)

Angel.Pearls said...

Your Aqua amd Purple is really a cute combination! Thanks for hosting -Love //Eva

Biberta said...

Colori bellissimiiiii *________*

Mairi said...

Very beautiful :)