Guest this week: Bprdesigns

Have you seen how it is original and fantastic, this Champagne Bottle Cheese Plate? Today I want to introduce Beth from Oregon and her Etsy shop: bprdesigns!

"Hi - I am Beth and I am a glass artist in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I started fusing glass several years ago after taking a Community Education class at the local community college, and found it to be addicting! When I retired from my career as a finance executive I finally had time to pursue my artistic tendencies fully and Portland is such a great city for glass! So I bought my own kiln, talked my husband out of a corner of his shop for my glass table and jumped in with both feet!

I really appreciate the functional and artistic nature of fused glass. It satisfies both the practical and creatives sides of my brain and it challenges me! I love the somewhat unpredictable nature of kiln-formed glass and the excitement of popping the lid to see what is inside. I love to garden and try to bring some of those beautiful colors into my work! I opened a shop on Etsy nearly two years ago and I also do some local shows a few times a year. I do a lot of custom work and I really enjoy working with customers to make their vision into a reality!"

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Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful glass creations!
Thank you so much for sharing!

BPR Designs said...

It looks great -- thanks so much for the feature.

Mairi said...

Wonderful creations!!! Really, they are stunning!