Vote for your favorite treasury.....

Like every Saturday in my blog there is a chance for everyone to share the treasury east, adding the link, and every Saturday I add an item of the winner in my collection.
Why not give something to the winners? Let me start with a virtual gift to promote your shop online, because the treasures are mainly for the promotion, so I want to stay on topic.

The prize is:
One Month Free as a Top Sponsor on my blog,
plus a blog post dedicated to your shop or blog!

The program, "Shop by Color" is weekly, so I can not do a giveaway every weekend, but once a month I think will be perfect. But if someone wants to contribute to this program and donate something, I will be happy to accommodate you and make more than one giveaway each month.
The gift should not necessarily be material, expensive or handmade, can also be a free banner in your blog. You can even invent something original, such as a coupon or discount for your shop, or something that you dispose of your home, like supplies or vintage things... every idea is welcome.

And now it's time to vote, the Treasury you prefer:
The names listed below in the survey, are people who have participated in the "Shop by Color" last week. There are people who appear twice because they did more treasures, this is part of the game, the more treasures you do, more increases the likelihood.
To see the old treasures you have to go in the old blog post here, and click on the thumbnails.
If you are present as curator of the treasure in the poll, what are you waiting? Ask friends to vote for you, share the poll.

To see all the treasures you have to go in the old blog post here, and click on the thumbnails.


Mairi said...

Done! :) Anyway all these treasuries are wonderful!

Rely said...

yes! i am agree with Mairi!
great collections!