"Like" my items on Lovely Clusters

There's a new "like" contest on Lovely clusters!
So I need your support my dear readers, a little help to reach many votes as possible in order to win the prize offered for the sellers of Lovely Clusters.
Here are the details:
 "Whoever gets the most likes on any of their products listed on Lovely Clusters will get to add 10 FREE items to the gallery. The first place winner will also get an ad placed on the Lovely Clusters Blog for 3 months. This is a $140 value! The Second place winner will get to have 5 FREE items added to the gallery."

so all you have to do is click on the 
"Like" facebook button,
in one of these items you see in the picture, or if you like, click on either, I will be very happy:)
To do this you must first enter in the site, the page of my items and then click "LIKE", easy!

Vote for: Drop of gold on a delicate Rose Necklace
Vote for: Red wine and Almond -  brass Hair Pin

I thank everyone in advance, and I wish you a fun day!


Andreia said...

I've already "liked" your bautiful items!

Antonio G. Pereira said...

You have quite a tasteful and interesting blog.