Fundraising for Japan

Yesterday was the "bloggers day of silence" and I must say that many blogs have enthusiastically participated. Today, instead of the usual post with pictures I would like to propose, some shops that take part in the donation for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Many of these shops (including me) give the full amount or a percentage of profit on the sale of their handmade products. May seem low, but if all we give a small part, together we could help a lot. If you want to contribute, you can buy one of the many items you find on Etsy (or perhaps elsewhere) that are involved in fundraising, or donate directly to the American Red Cross.  

Here some participating stores:

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this item 
will go to the American Red Cross Japan Relief efforts - given by TheFancyLamb
All of the price of this vintage bird cage ($25.00) 
will go towards Doctors Without Borders
100% of this sale will be donated to 
the American Red Cross- from my shop

100% of the profit from this print will go to the relief efforts of the Earthquake and Tsunami stricken Japan via the American Red Cross- by NanLawson

All Proceeds Go To Japanese Relief Efforts 
given by Imeondesign

$10 per tasting box sold will be donated to Direct Relief International. That's 50%! - given by inkandpaperarts

there are many shops out there that do the same, but I can take you to a great list on Etsy, click here
I wish you a wonderful and peaceful weekend, 
xo Evelyn



Marianne said...

Great post! There's also a charitable Etsy shop called "loveforjapan" that was created for relief efforts!